Cucku: Backup with a buddy
Feb 19th, 2009 by Beth

Here’s an interesting concept. Cucku is a free data backup system that backs up data locally then sends a secure copy to a friend’s computer.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m very tempted to ditch my paid service and give it a whirl. You and your backup buddy need to install Skype, but the system backs up behind the scenes and doesn’t require coordination.Your buddy can’t get into your files, just in case you were worried about the photo folder marked “Personal.”

This would allow you to back up both your home and work computer on the other machines, store a copy of your files offsite and rest assured that you’ve got a copy of your files with a trusted friend.

How clever! I’m intrigued. They’re coming out with a Cucku Backup Pro, and you can upgrade for a fee, but they promise the original will always be free.

Free Remote/Online Backup – Cucku: Social Backup.

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