PDFVue: Free PDF editing
Mar 17th, 2009 by Beth

PDFVue is a web-based tool that lets you upload a PDF, add notes, make changes and share. I played around with it for a few minutes, and I couldn’t get it to actually change the text in one of my client documents, but I loved how I could add notes about the changes I wanted to see.

I also like the ability to create forms, add pictures and links, and generally get something handy for nothing.

PDFVue Beta : Edit, Annotate, and Share PDFs for Free.

Posterous: Can blogging get any easier?
Mar 16th, 2009 by Beth

This free tool falls smack dab into the “If Only I Had Known” category. It’s an instant “Beth Favorite.”

Posterous is the easiest blogging tool I’ve ever seen. You simply email, and they post what you’ve emailed. You can then claim a site of your own and keep posting to it.

It even adds your pictures, videos, documents… anything you attach to the email.

I also hooked it up to post to my Twitter account, and I can make it work with WordPress as well.

I’m feeling a little dizzy with joy right now.

Posterous – The place to post everything. Just email us. Dead simple blog by email.. Turn your email into a graphic
Mar 13th, 2009 by Beth

Spammers sweep websites to collect email addresses, so many people resort to formatting their contact info as something like:

bziesenis (at) avenuez (dot) net

Other clever people create graphics out of their text so they can’t be swept.

Ta dah! does it for you! Just type in your email address or any other text, and Hidetext converts it to a graphic that you can download or drag and drop! Love it. – become ungoogable – leave no traces – anonymous web browsing, free privacy service.

Pixie: Identify screen colors pixel by pixel
Feb 10th, 2009 by Beth

Oh, I love this little tool. Pixie is a tiny little program that allows you to identify colors on the screen so you can create graphics and documents that match. I use it all the time to replicate the look and feel of my clients’ web pages in the documents I create.

You can keep it running all the time or simply call upon it when you need it. The default is that it sits on top of your other programs all the time. I find this annoying, so I turn it on and off. But it’ll show the codes for the color of a pixel so you can replicate a color scheme.

One of my favorites.

Nattyware / Pixie.

Gliffy Online Diagram Software: Create flowcharts with ease
Feb 2nd, 2009 by Beth

Sure, you can try to create a flow chart with a word processing program such as MS Word, but you’re going to get angry. Your boxes will be different sizes, and your arrows won’t line up. It’ll take you too long, and screw up your diet when you visit the vending machine for a chocolate bar to get through the project.

Gliffy lets you create professional flowcharts, floor plans, technical drawings and other graphic necessities.

The basic subscription is free and works for most casual users if you can deal with the logo. The premium version starts at $5 per user per month.

Gliffy Online Diagram Software.

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