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Apr 8th, 2009 by Beth

I’ve written before about Microsoft Office Accounting Express, which is an awesome free accounting tool (and a Beth Favorite) that works like QuickBooks, at least for amateurs like me.

Someone sent me a link to FastDue, which is intriguing as well. It’s got the same kind of invoicing capabilities and also lets you accept PayPal. But the coolest thing is that it contains a library of business document templates, such as contracts, non-disclosure agreements, etc. People are always asking me where to get agreements, and I like that they’re right here in the system.

FastDue is free for now — they pay for themselves with ads. I read they may switch to a standard/premium structure, which I would guess means you may be able to choose not to have the ads. – Move Your Business Online.

StumbleUpon: Discover new sites
Feb 24th, 2009 by Beth

I discovered StumbleUpon long, long before I discovered how it can send users to my site. Indeed — it was long before  I  actually had a site!

This is the coolest time waster ever…. err, I mean the coolest way to discover new sites. You fill out a profile that describes the kinds of sites you’re interested in. I like Internet Tools, Self Improvement, Quotes, Science and other types of sites.

Then you install a tool bar on your browser and hit the Stumble button. StumbleUpon takes you to sites and resources you never knew existed. I set it up for my boyfriend, who likes jazz and cycling, and he discovered radio stations that play classic jazz on the web.

When you find something you like, hit the Thumbs Up button on the tool bar. StumbleUpon saves it for you. If you don’t like a site, there’s a Thumbs Down button so Stumble knows not to bring you to similar sites again.

I can’t tell you how many cool things I’ve discovered here.

Check out my profile to see what I’ve discovered!

Need to increase blog traffic? See how Stumble can help.

StumbleUpon: Personalized Recommendations to Help You Discover the Best of the Web.

Docstoc: Free legal forms and business templates
Feb 24th, 2009 by Beth

In today’s social media world, we’ve all come to rely on the kindness of strangers. That’s why docstoc works… people share copies of legal, business, tech and educational documents with the community, allowing other community members to download them for free.

I did a quick search for an example business plan, and docstoc came back with thousands of documents. You can sort by ranking or popularity and really take a shortcut to creating your own documents.

You can also upload and sync your own documents, keeping them private if you like, for an online storage backup. – free legal forms and business templates.

Google Alerts: Track your web presence
Jan 13th, 2009 by Beth

Google has a host of fun tools that can help your business. I consider Google Alerts one of the most essential.

With Google Alerts, you can track key words in the web world in news articles, blogs and other citations. I set them up for my last name, my company and key words related to my clients. Every mention is aggregated and delivered via email. This saves me the hassle of doing “ego searches.”

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