Sketch My Photo: Convert photos to beautiful pencil sketches
Mar 24th, 2009 by Beth

Wow! Sketch My Photo is the best tool I’ve seen for converting a photo into a pencil sketch. It’s worlds better than applying filters in your regular photo editor (ever try a neon filter? What the heck is that?)

I uploaded my Twitter avatar, and Sketch My Photo came up with this perfect rendition. Saving your photo in a pretty good resolution is free. It’s $5.95 to upgrade to a nicer version.

Sketch My Photo – Free instant photo to pencil sketch conversion.

ImageChef: Quick, clever photo customization
Mar 23rd, 2009 by Beth

ImageChef lets you create quick custom photos with a ton of free templates. I love when I can make a clever piece of art happen within minutes rather than having to mess with a custom photo for hours.  I created this in about 90 seconds, and a third of that was coming up with the book title.

This one took me even less time.

It’s free to play, and if you register, you can save or email your creations. A year’s worth of enhanced features is $80, or $10 a month.

ImageChef – Customize Photos, Clip Art.

Mutapic: Instant (weird) art
Mar 20th, 2009 by Beth

I discovered this site about an hour ago, and I just spent way too much time experimenting with the art generation tool to create a cool example for this post (yep, that’s it below).

Mutapic is addicting. You choose two icon pictures, press the Generate button and Mutapic morphs the two together to create icons. Kind of. Mine were mostly ugly, but I had lots of fun experimenting.

Mutapic is free to play, but if you want to save anything, you need to upgrade for $30 and download the software. Not bad if you need these things on a regular basis, and you can then use your own photos to create your art.

Mutapic. Your own online library
Mar 4th, 2009 by Beth

Because is integrated into my Jing account, I sometimes forget that it’s a great tool on its own. lets you upload and share documents, Jing captures, video files, etc. into a library of your own. I just created a “playlist” that contained 4 important files for a client, sending him a link to the list instead of 4 separate attachments.

It’ll be free for most casual users (I had to upgrade because I get a lot of views of Avenue Z — The Movie, which I pasted below for your viewing pleasure), and it’s perfect when you just need to throw something up somewhere to share with others.

BudURL: URL shrinker with tracking
Feb 18th, 2009 by Beth

Way back in the day, was the first well-known service that allowed you to turn a monstrous web address into a short, cute little URL.

In the Twitter world, where all you get is 140 characters, these URL-shortening sites have popped up everywhere. My favorite has been, both because it’s so dang short and because it makes me smile when I remember it stands for “is good.”

But my Twitter buddy @MsGreene just turned me on to BudURL, which allows you to do so much more than simply create a shorter link. You can create an account to manage your links, see instant click stats, track referrers, test links from different sites to compare ROI — and more.

You get the basics with the free version, but some pretty fun stats are included in the $4/month level.


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