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Mar 13th, 2009 by Beth

Spammers sweep websites to collect email addresses, so many people resort to formatting their contact info as something like:

bziesenis (at) avenuez (dot) net

Other clever people create graphics out of their text so they can’t be swept.

Ta dah! does it for you! Just type in your email address or any other text, and Hidetext converts it to a graphic that you can download or drag and drop! Love it. – become ungoogable – leave no traces – anonymous web browsing, free privacy service. Your own online library
Mar 4th, 2009 by Beth

Because is integrated into my Jing account, I sometimes forget that it’s a great tool on its own. lets you upload and share documents, Jing captures, video files, etc. into a library of your own. I just created a “playlist” that contained 4 important files for a client, sending him a link to the list instead of 4 separate attachments.

It’ll be free for most casual users (I had to upgrade because I get a lot of views of Avenue Z — The Movie, which I pasted below for your viewing pleasure), and it’s perfect when you just need to throw something up somewhere to share with others.

Three free tools for easy meeting planning
Mar 3rd, 2009 by Beth

This morning I have to arrange a teleconference for 5 association CEOs. Before I found today’s free tools, here’s what the emails looked like:

Me: “Ok, we’ll try for a meeting Tuesday at noon. Does everyone have the  call-in number?”

CEO 1: “What meeting?”

CEO 2: “Oh, you said Tuesday? Couldn’t we make it Wednesday?”

CEO 3: “Wait… what time zone?”

CEO 4: [Silence]

Luckily I’ve discovered several free tools that allow you to propose meeting times and let attendees indicate their availability.

MeetingWizard (my old favorite) is straightforward and useful. It’s clear what the options are and makes it easy to figure out when everyone can meet. I’ve used it for several events.

TimeBridge (my new favorite) will integrate into your personal calendar so you can schedule meetings on the fly. The biggest benefit is that respondents don’t have to register! Great when you’re dealing with busy CEOs.

Doodle has a great feature that allows participants to indicate if a time is absolutely unavailable, completely acceptable or potentially ok.

StumbleUpon: Discover new sites
Feb 24th, 2009 by Beth

I discovered StumbleUpon long, long before I discovered how it can send users to my site. Indeed — it was long before  I  actually had a site!

This is the coolest time waster ever…. err, I mean the coolest way to discover new sites. You fill out a profile that describes the kinds of sites you’re interested in. I like Internet Tools, Self Improvement, Quotes, Science and other types of sites.

Then you install a tool bar on your browser and hit the Stumble button. StumbleUpon takes you to sites and resources you never knew existed. I set it up for my boyfriend, who likes jazz and cycling, and he discovered radio stations that play classic jazz on the web.

When you find something you like, hit the Thumbs Up button on the tool bar. StumbleUpon saves it for you. If you don’t like a site, there’s a Thumbs Down button so Stumble knows not to bring you to similar sites again.

I can’t tell you how many cool things I’ve discovered here.

Check out my profile to see what I’ve discovered!

Need to increase blog traffic? See how Stumble can help.

StumbleUpon: Personalized Recommendations to Help You Discover the Best of the Web.

DarkCopy: Simplifying the writing process
Feb 23rd, 2009 by Beth

If you’re as old as I am, you’ll remember the computers of days gone by, where you had a black screen and a blinking green cursor box.You didn’t have to check email every ten minutes, because there was no real email as we know it. No Facebook, no Twitter, no nuthin… just you and a blank screen.

DarkCopy brings you back to those days with a simple, elegant tool to help you blot out all the intoxicating distractions of 2009. Just visit the site, expand the black screen to full size, and you’re transported back to pre-Windows 3.1.

There are absolutely no bells or whistles, and that’s what makes it great.

DarkCopy – Simple, full screen text editing.

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