Free Phone Number
Feb 17th, 2009 by Beth

A company called Numbr is offering an amazing free service. Just follow the Free Privacy Numbers link to create a free phone number that will forward to your own phone.

Use it for selling goods on craigslist, bar crawls, avoiding telemarketers… any time you need to protect your real number.

You can play with options about when your number expires, when calls can come through, whether you want to be able to screen.

All free. Home Page

Get your own inumbr

Live Mesh: A great tool when you’re on the road
Jan 9th, 2009 by Beth

I spent this past weekend in Denver with the family, and I would have been lost without Live Mesh. You create an account and add computers to your network. When I worked on my home computer, any file in my shared folders was updated on the Live Mesh site. When I signed onto my laptop computer, the files were automatically updated.

While I was on the airplane and working offline, the new changes were stored, and as soon as I connected to the internet again, all the files were updated on all the connected computers.

In addition, I used Live Mesh to remotely control my home computer. I could even copy a file from home and paste it to my desktop.

It rocks. And it’s free!

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