Pixie: Identify screen colors pixel by pixel
February 10th, 2009 by Beth

Oh, I love this little tool. Pixie is a tiny little program that allows you to identify colors on the screen so you can create graphics and documents that match. I use it all the time to replicate the look and feel of my clients’ web pages in the documents I create.

You can keep it running all the time or simply call upon it when you need it. The default is that it sits on top of your other programs all the time. I find this annoying, so I turn it on and off. But it’ll show the codes for the color of a pixel so you can replicate a color scheme.

One of my favorites.

Nattyware / Pixie.

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  • FastStone Screen Capture: Another way to avoid the “Print Screen” Button writes:
    April 30th, 200911:11 amat

    […] FastStone Screen Capture comes in as an unobtrusive toolbar. You can capture windows, the full screen, a scrolling screen and a video with audio (see my sample below — I don’t think the audio recording is as good as Jing). In addition, when you capture something, you get a whole host of editing options to add a little more flair and details — Jing simply lets you annotate and draw arrows. And FastStone has a couple of extra handy tools like a screen magnifier plus a color picker (similar to another Beth Favorite, Pixie). […]

  • Carmella Bagdasarian writes:
    July 28th, 20116:27 amat

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